How To Promote Sustainability to Your Consumers


When it comes to sustainability in restaurants, owners have various options to consider: from reducing your carbon footprint and greenhouse gases to minimising waste, all of these steps (and others) can have a positive effect on your restaurant/business.

But did you know that this can also affect your customers? That’s because restaurants (and other businesses in the culinary/food-delivery industry) that use more sustainable practices can influence their clients to start doing the same. This can be achieved by raising awareness about the environment like, for example, switching to sustainable packaging

And it should be noted that many consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products that have a lower impact on the planet. 

So, as a restaurant owner, how can you educate your clientele to start living more sustainably for the greater good of our planet? 

  1. Be Honest About Your Packaging: By being transparent about your brand’s commitment to eco-friendly packaging, you develop trust between you and your customers. Print the appropriate information directly on your sustainable food packaging (about the materials used and how to dispose of them correctly, as well as the steps you’re taking to reduce your environmental footprint) to create a sense of shared responsibility.
  2. Connect On Social Media: To inspire your environmentally conscious audience to take action, share articles, infographics, and videos about the importance of your eco-friendly packaging on your social media channels (including your website and IG account). Examples can include stories about local artisans developing and distributing sustainable products, how communities are fighting plastic pollution, DIY recycling tips, etc.  
  3. Collaborate With Customers: To amplify your message of sustainability, encourage customers (and social media followers) to share their own eco-friendly practices. This can be achieved through campaigns, competitions, or hashtags that allow them to showcase how they recycle, make use of your restaurant’s packaging, etc. 

Educating your consumers is much more than just sharing knowledge, as you are empowering/inspiring them to become more environmentally conscious one takeaway meal at a time. This helps to create a culture of awareness and responsibility which can contribute to the global movement of sustainable living, and at the same time it increases loyalty of your consumers to your brand.

Promote Sustainability with MBA Green

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